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Water Ionizers




1. Extra large LCD with 6 different colors displaying pH value;
2. Precise frequency conversion circuit, 20 electric potential controls, applicable to various source water;
3. Advanced control panel, voltage-adjustable automatically or manually, 4 electrolysis programs, applicable to various qualified water;
5. Reinforced bacteria restraint filters: Imported filters, safer and more stable;
6. Anti-black beetle, leak proof and stainless design;
7. Intelligently designed auto-cleaning electrolysis chamber, dynamic indicating the auto cleaning process;
8. Out-built mineral addition cartridge makes adding minerals to the purified water easier;
9. Imported platinum coated titanium electrode plates, and complex electrolytic diaphragm.

Power  and  voltage AC220V/50Hz,   or  AC110V/60Hz
Power  Consumption < 160W  at  work,   < 4W  at  stand  by  state
Body Dimensions 200× 120× 320mm(L× W× H)
Weight Approx:   4.5kg(full  water:   5.0kg)
Maximum  operating  temperature Not  more  than  60° C
Applicable  Water  Pressure 70~350KPa(0.7~3.5Kgf/cm² )
Applicable  Pressure  of  Water  inlet  pipe 70~350KPa(0.7~3.5Kgf/cm² )The  water  inlet  pipe  must  be  connected  to  the  control  valve.
Electrolysis Way  of  electrolysis Continuous  electrolysis
Water  Flux(Generated  flux) 2.5L/min[when  water  pressure  is  100KPa{1Kgf/cm² }]
3.0L/min[when  water  pressure  is  200KPa{2Kgf/cm² }]
Electrolysis  strength Alkaline: 3  Levels,   Acidic:   2  Levels
Continuous  water  generating  time 15  minutes  in  the  constant  temperature  state
Warming  for  refined  filter  element  cleaning Please  clean  or  replace  the  refined  filter  elements  after  ” refined  filter  element  replacement  indicator”   is  it  and  the  buzzer  sounds  are  heard.
Materials  for  filtration PPF  cotton,   molecular  screens  (pre-filter  elements).   Coconut  iber  active  carbon,   special  germicidal  materials(refined  filter  elements)
Addition  of  microelements Compulsory  dissolution  addition  method(built-in  addition)
Over-temperature  protection  device(built-in  insulation  transformer) Temperature  fuse  (working  temperature:   105° C)
Length  of  power  cord Approx:   2  meters

bw-6000 SW-6000

1. Seven platinum coated titanium plates dual filter system.
2. Eight modes: Four levels of alkaline water, three levels of acidic water and one purified mode
3. Four power programs, twenty-nine settings to adjust varied water quality
4. One water pressure reducing valve, flow rate indicator and a heat sensor to prevent overheating
5. One-touch, dynamic, colorful, full function LED and digital display
6. Advanced SMPS Power supply: Strong electrolysis, run cooler, last longer and lighter

Technical  Specifications:
  Model  No.   SW-6000
  Protect  level   ClassIIelectric  appliance
  Voltage  and  Frequency   AC220V/50Hz  or  AC110V/60Hz
  Rated  Power   100W
  Water  supply  mode   Tap  water
  Body Dimensions   W300*H380*D150mm
Weight   Approx:   5Kg
  Maximum  operating  temperature   Not  more  than  60°   C
  Applicable  Water  Pressure   70~350KPa(0.7~3.5Kgf/cm²   )
  Way  of  electrolysis   Continuous  electrolysis
  Generating  capacity   2.5L/min
  Electrolysis  strength   Alkaline:   4  Levels,   Acidic:   3  Levels
  Way  to  clean  the  electrolysis  chamber   Automatic  wash  (pre-wash  style)
  Electrode   Platinum  coated  titanium  electrode
  Filter  life   First  phase  as  6000L,   second  phage  as10000L
  Filter  material   High-density  filtration  membrane
  Life  indication   Filter  life  is  indicated  in  text  and  voice  form  etc